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A website search for “Fermentation” just a few short years ago resulted in a few returns using the word “Ferment”, as a process usually used to produce various wines and beers producing alcohols and a couple references with the term applied to “Sauerkraut Making”. One could find maybe two or three links out to sparsely inhabited special interest online forums for those few who shared their knowledge about this very common old way of cabbage preservation, usually carried down through old European family food traditions. 
In my own family we never really ‘forgot’ our old traditional food processing methods. Even the word “Fermentation” was not used, as it was just part of our normal daily food home processing, passed down seamlessly for hundreds of years,usually from grandmothers to their daughters and grandchildren, such as myself who took interest in food preperation  early on, even though being a male member of our family.
I joined a couple of these online “nearly 100% female member”, “Kraut Forums”, with rather surprised responses from many of them, usually wondering why I as a man, would take any interest in anything involving home food recipes and preparation! Looking at it now I understand the ones still retaining these old food methods were usually "last generation" ladies who still considered the kitchen as their traditional “woman’s kitchen duty”! 
Well, attitudes can change!
However, at this time was presented to us another man in this fermentation world, a former “Gay Rights Activist”, named Sandor Katz, who was overcoming his HIV/AIDS situation using fermented foods; mostly sauerkraut, to bolster his nutritional requirements. A few had encountered Sandor at some rather ”alternate” grass root’s local gatherings, as an emerging advocate of fermented foods in America. He was often  jokingly called "Sandorkraut"!
Sandor opened the door just enough, with his great new introductory “Wild Fermentation Books” and media exposure, to cause an ongoing “Health Food Revolution”, and even a "Foodie Fad" resulting in many more people contributing “Fermentation How To’s and Recipes” world over. Now fermentation ideas and recipes are easily accessed on The Internet and in many new books! Read more about Sandor Katz here:

That time and as always, was and is, a fun and very revealing or “awareness” jump into a whole other philosophical man/woman exploration one can explore in the ongoing “Spiritual” area of this website. 

As Sandor Katz, and many others including me have observed,  fermentation can lead one into very deep explorations of life involving much more than a particular food and beverage processing technique!
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                                                                                  -Lance Hancherow