Home made antibiotic for lung infections or even spraying in mouth for throat issues or wiping hands and face to clear them of disease germs.

What you do is get 4 liters of drinking water and add into it no more than 20 drops of Oil Of Oregano. Shake it before using any as oil floats, so shaking then gets oil drops back into it.

For kids you may want to use less oil as it is strong and does not taste that good but is medicine that works good to help clear lungs.

You can also put some in a small spray bottle as you can use as a good mouth spray and that breathes into the lungs also.

When you have cold or lung problem then you use this as your regular drinking water and not use water alone... just use this instead of regular water if thirsty so use exactly like you would drinking water.

You should get a dropper like one has in some medicine bottles to measure out the drops and a container to hold 4 liters of it.

I know it does not taste good and has a strong taste but use it as it helps and could be something you might need if getting cold or flu. Also is good to know if regular hospitals or medicines are not available.