Some people who influenced me in this Fermentating World.

Thank you to:

Elizabeth. Without Elizabeth, a researcher in the "magical" world of plant science, I would never have considered what I know of Fermentation as anything of value to share with others. (more about Elizabeth's part of this fermentation journey, in an upcoming book I am writing).


Mr. K.  "K" (Konstantin), who gives the fermentation world his humor, his passion for others, and a platform for me to share the arts and science of fermentation in his amazing "Dacha" in Northern Thailand, where students and guests can learn, play and relax.



"R". Dear 'friend', 'student' and 'teacher', who has the most incredible mind, where I can relax and swim within, together exploring without any barriers, any subject, in that elusive area connecting one's transient, fermentable material existance, and one's eternal spiritual self.
Our mantra:
           "There are no lies, no walls, no hidden thoughts, when one searches for truth."

My Students. Attentive, new, eager to learn, ferment students from all over the world, who come and listen, learn and share the basics of food and beverage fermentation and also some basics of life itself!